The ultimate public speaking survival guide by Ramakrishna Reddy

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Name         – The ultimate public speaking survival guide

Author                  – Ramakrishna Reddy
Publisher              – Self Published
Number of Pages – 120
Publishing Year   – 2015
Edition                  – Paperback
                    – 1189

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

We all might have faced the nervousness issue while addressing an audience. Sweaty hands, forgetfulness, shivering, increased heartbeat etc had been our major issues while standing in from of a group of people.

Ramakrishna Reddy brings forth a well researched, systematically arranged set of crack codes to entice the audience and make them walk through our words. The steps mentioned in the book are simple yet effective. We might not find the importance to preparation to be taken before delivering a speech. Mostly we expect our speakers to deliver an impromptu performance but author reinforces the importance of preparation. Right from scanning audience to grabbing their pulse, author touches everything that needed to put forth an excellent speech.

The book is not only target the presentations or elocution, but also applies to a candidates appearing for an interview. With help of case studies, author explained everything in an easily comprehensible manner. On the first glimpse, I expected a boring text book on the so and so bullet points for delivering a speech but the book proved the saying ‘ Don’t judge a book by its cover’. Through quirky anecdotes , author has made sure that readers are never bored. Speaking about anecdotes, author clarified my misconception about the word as such. I had a different impression about what an anecdote would be but author not only made it clear but also empowered me into delivering one. The book might seem a bit overpriced for an ordinary Indian reader but for someone who seriously contemplates a career in speaking, the book is priceless.

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About the author

Ramakrishna Reddy is an award-winning speaker who has won more than a few dozen public speaking contests comprising from entertaining to inspiring speeches. He is author of five books related to Public Speaking. He regularly speaks to audiences from a few dozens to few 100s comprising of corporate, student and business audiences. Over the past few years, he has helped 1000s of students learn public speaking skills through his books and courses. He can be reached at

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