The Challenge by Tom Hoyle – Review

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Name         – The Challenge 

Author                  – Tom Hoyle 
Publisher              – Pan Macmillan 
Number of Pages – 272
Publishing Year   – 2017
Edition                  – Paperback 
                    – 399

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Rating : 4.0

My Review
Children’s book need not necessarily be fairy tales or superhero saga or moral value classes. Tom Hoyle once again proved his mettle in pulling off thrillers that can equally entertain children and adults. 

Ben’s life takes a downhill drive when his friend Will, faces and unfortunate fate post will’s death. He returns to normal life when he meets the twins. They influences and entertains him with their challenges. Slowly the twins become an inseparable part of Ben’s life. The most dangerous challenge to find Will’s murderer brings Ben in a fix. Thenceforth we can see a thrilling,  nail biting,  eerie suspense.

The suspense element is the highlight of the book. The bullying in the school is narrated realistically, without being exaggerating. The narration is fast paced. The plot is tightly and crisply crafted. The emotional hubbub inside Ben’s mind is naturally depicted.

For a children’s book, The Challenge is raw and crude. For Instance, swearing is shown as a commonality. Towards the climax, the plot becomes less convincing.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  
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