The 365 days by Nikhil Ramteke- Review

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Name         – The 365 days

Author                  – Nikhil Ramteke
Publisher              – Write India Publishers
Number of Pages -192
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  -Paperback 

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

After reading the book I was left wondering if the author is a Malayali. Never in the recent times did I read a book that portrays Kerala and Keralites with this level of authenticity. From the history to culture, living standards to change in dialect, outlook to prejudice, author has sketched a perfect picture. Shijukutty, the protagonist is a Malayali fisherman, who sets out to ‘Persia’, as middle east is colloquially termed in Kerala.

Like any other average Malayali Shijukutty also believes that Persia will help him rekindle his life, which was otherwise troublesome, after his father’s demise. Ignoring the protests from his wife, Shijukutty, decides to go on with his decision to move to Dubai. Like every low income group Malayali he mortgages his home.
On reaching the dream haven, Shiju realizes that all is not the same as he imagined. Instead of a heavenly abode, he finds himself stacked among numerous workers in a Labour camp in the middle of the desert, without a sight of greenery. Thenceforth the unforeseen, unforgettable and unprecedented incidents bring him amidst a rollercoaster ride.

Author has done a thorough study on the life of Kerala and being an NRI himself, portraying the expatriate life could not have been more realistic. Intense care has been invested in the minute details. Nevertheless there was a slight lag in the whole narration. Some areas author delved too much into the details, which didn’t flatter the storyline. Book cover is excellent and innovative. Author’s effort is commendable. Being a Malayali myself I can vouch for the fact that the life of an average, middle income expatriate Malayali could not be depicted with more authenticity.

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About the author

Nikhil Ramteke is an M-Tech in Chemical Technology .He is currently working as a Production Manager in a leading multinational FMCG giant -IFFCO, since 8 years. Born & brought up in Nagpur Maharashtra, he currently stays in Sharjah, UAE. Apart from his passion of writing, he is a qualified painter, nominated photographer & an avid traveller. Intrigued by Indian labor’s situation in gulf, he narrates a heartbreaking story & his experience in UAE. The 365 days is his debut novel.
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