Teenage Diaries- The days that were by Saurabh Sharma-Review

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Name         – Teenage Diaries- The days that were

Author                  – Saurabh Sharma
Publisher              – Leadstart Publishing PVT Ltd
Number of Pages – 320
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  – Paperback
                    – 325

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

It’s all about relating. If you can relate with a school and college life, when students are caught having a drink or taking a puff, when students bunk classes and roam around, play flames to know the future of the relationship and many more silly things, you will love this book. Though set in an overworked formula of a best seller- love , friendship, sex and life,- author has given a different reading experience with a quirky narration.
 The protagonist, Ghanshyam, represent the guys who are nerds in school and under the influence of friends become freaky jerk. Like every protagonist in the formula based book, Ghanshyam too has a friend who is like a Siamese twin, a girlfriends who takes his breath away, a share of misunderstandings, heart breaks and life changing moments.  The book touches a chord with every person who had a normal teenage life irrespective of the nationality. With his poems, author has tried to bring a twist in the tale.

As mentioned before the plot is cosmopolitan but the narration, even though outstanding, fails to appeal to everyone due to the overuse of dialects. For someone who is not well versed with these slangs, this will affect the flow. However, an average Indian would not find it difficult to relate the same.

What pinched me is the overindulgence of booze and unnecessary squeezing in of intimate sequences. A little more focused perspective could have been involved. Considering the fact that the target audience is in the Teens, all these could be overlooked.

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About the author

Being born in a middle class family has its own perks and limitations. The biggest perk is that one will be able to complete his engineering and MBA and the biggest limitation is that one will have to complete his engineering and MBA. Saurabh sharma, being a middle-class boy from Baroda, did his engineering from NIT, Allahabad and MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. Currently an Associate Director at Flipkart, in his free time, he loves to write, play tennis and strum guitar. His debut novel is a tribute to some of the truly amazing friendships that he has developed over the years. His penchant for storytelling has led to his witty writing style, which has got rave reviews from across. He is currently staying in Bangalore with his wife. He is currently giving finishing touches to his 2nd novel, which will be a sequel to Teenage diaries. You can reach out to him on Facebook, via mail at storytellersaurabh@gmail.com or via twitter @Storybazsaurabh.

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