India by Debra Schoenberger-Review

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Name         – India

Author                  – Debra Schoenberger
Publisher              –
Number of Pages – 168
Publishing Year   – 2017
Edition                  – Hardcover

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Rating : 3.0

My Review

When I was first asked to review the book, I thought it would be an easy task by just going through the pictures. But to my astonishment, those were no just pictures. Those were stories. Each picture tells us different stories.
The first picture is sunset.The background of the clouds and calm water is embellished with quotes by Ravindranath Tagore and Sashi Taroor. A dog sleeping under an autorikshaw shows the rawness of the streets, the pictures of India Gate and Taj Mahal shows a historically, cultural and architecturally rich country. It surprised me to the core when I saw how a silly photograph of sandals in a street shop could speak loudly about ethnic style in India. A lot of minor and microscopic events are shown on a larger than life platform. A woman travelling pillion on a bike with her little child in between is a regular scene in India but with a  picture of tiny little hand on a mehendi rich hand authoress created an extra ordinary picture of an ordinary scene. 

The pictures were taken in Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Ranthanmpore Tiger Reserve, Khajuraho, Jojawar, Jaipur and Udaypur. Through her lens Debra portrayed the picture of crude, India with a rich heritage, flora and fauna, climate and what not.

What disappointed me is the lack of versatility. A sophisticated version of  India was missing. Moreover the variety would have been flawlessly expressed if some pictures of South India was also there. 
Nevertheless the book left me wanting lay my 

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About the author

born in marville, france
my dad always carried a camera under the seat of his car and was constantly taking pictures. I think that his example, together with pouring over national geographic magazines as a child fueled my curiosity for the world around me.
street photography is my true passion, having a slightly off-kilter sense of humour helps keep me looking for the unusual.

awards and recognition:
banana split at dairy queen when I was 8
intrepid travel photography award for 2010
editor’s favourite (8 images) by national geographic 2014 and one image on exhibit in Washington at the National Geographic Museum

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