Giveaway Contest -Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel

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Last week I had apprised you about the Giveaway contest of Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel

Here I am with the set of questions. You don’t have to do much. 
-Just answer the questions 
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You can either answer the questions in the comment box below, or message me or e-mail me

Winner will get a copy of Dangerous Games

Impatient for the questions? ? Here we go

Q1.What’s the crime location in Danielle Steel’s Dangerous Games?

A. Airport
B. White House
C. Church

Q2. Which country has Danielle set her novel, Dangerous Games?

A. India
B. Poland
C. United States of America

Q3. What’s the profession of the protagonist Alix Philips inDangerous Games?

A. Actress
B. Television Correspondent 
C. Home Maker

Quite easy questions, aren’t  they? So what are you waiting for? Share you answers ASAP and grab your copy.

*If there are more than one right answers, winner will be selected randomly. The decision made by the selector will be final.
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