Disruption by Chuck Barrett- Review

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Name         – Disruption 

Author                  – Chuck Barret
Publisher              – Switchback Press
Number of Pages – 1497KB
Publishing Year   – 2016
Edition                  -Kindle

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

Disruption is the name of the  software when installed, creates total disruption. The title itself is multidimensionally complementing the storyline. The plot evolves in a scenario where cyber-terrorism prevails and an organization of Common wealth consultants  headed by egmore Wiley with his associates Jake, Frascesca and Fontaine head out on a mission to prevent the cyber terrorist, Boris, who is about to control the cyber world by compromising sensitive information . The story begins with bits and pieces of happenings in different  places. Common wealth consultant office where Jake with his colleagues and boss holds a conversation with Fracesca and another important lady, which is a suspense till then, is followed by situation where in a captive named Daniel Luzato is attached to a barbed collar which emit electric current. The events slowly reaches a linear chart when Common wealth consultants team up with External intelligence and security agency in Rome, Italy.Further a cascade of events unfold and a seamlessly interwoven tale divulges before the readers.

The brisk pace of the narration is the highlight of the book. Readers wouldn’t get a chance to think of anything else but the story. The instances come on9e after the other without any lag. Author has tried to portray a geo political scenario but subtly. The book is full of contrasts  which begins with the extremes of security level. One one hand the security uses thumb impressions and even heart beat., on the other hand it can be opened with a lock pick.

Many of the the events or names depicted in the book has similarity with real events.Tarh Andishan,for instance is an Iranian Hacking agency. Another interesting fact,  though not much connected with the plot, is the featuring of Venice as a perfect romantic location in books and movies wherein the reality is different. Author has precisely depicted the contrast in the untidiness one can witness there.  In an attempt to sustain the suspense, author somehow assorted clinchéd methods. Climax doesn’t hold much surprises but author has decently ended the plot

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