Review _ Teabox Assam Masala Chai

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About Teabox

Teabox brings you the freshest teas straight from tea gardens of India and Nepal so you enjoy the most authentic, delicious tea there is. Each tea is sourced within 7 days of its production and carefully vacuum packed to protect its inherent freshness.
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Rating : 4.5

Assam masala chai is one of the flavours of seven varieties of tea provided by Teabox. 


The packing was simple. A white color sealed paper box is all that it took to pack the product. There is not MAP, ingredients, MFG, or dietary contents any such details. Presumably the product is purely targeted on providing online services. Even though these details ought to be dre.

Nevertheless, the tea leaves are packed airtight. Also a zip pouch is provided along with the product.

The zip pouch contains the details of ingredients, aroma, palate, instructions per cup etc.


On opening we can see dried cardamom,cloves and cinnamon along with tea leaves. On boiling it takes a deep red color.


On opening the packet the aroma of cinnamon  dominates . On boiling, cooked leaves, cloves, and cardamom joins the journey to the olfactory system


We can make both black tea as well as milk tea. I recommend milk tea. The taste is heavenly.


100gm of the product costs Rs.400. But. I wouldn’t say that it is overpriced. I don’t mind spending that much for this taste

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