Colorful Notions by Mohit Goyal- Review

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Name         – Colorful Notions

Author                  – Mohit Goyal
Publisher              – Srishti Publications
Number of Pages – 194
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  -Paperback

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

When I started reading the book, I had decided on the opening line- “Will you judge me if I say I love this book and give a five star.”
I enjoyed the book till I was half way through the book. But thenceforth,  the book became the clichéd romantic lit with the overused formulas of triangular friendship entangled tale.

Three youngsters Sashank, Abhay and Unnati set out on an extraordinary trip in Abhay’s Ford Ecosport. Idea, conceived by Abhay, to accomplish an adventurous trip of 10000 kilometers around India, with a list of twenty five places which represent our country’s culture, heritage and beauty. While Abhay brushes up his talent with camera, Unnati lends her voice and face. The final nail is the selfies they take at the twenty five places with the number placard. 

The roadtrippers’ experiences at different places are interesting to read. Author has provided several tips as what to do and what not but when the storyline took a romantic twist, the focus was shifted from the places and landmarks. With perspicuous narration, dexterous character craft and unique theme, author has succeed in hooking the readers to the book.

There were a few offensive statements, atleast that’s what I felt. “It’s difficult to see a man cry”. Why man only? What about women? 
The terms like potato, fatty etc could have been avoided in the narration at least. 

The story ended in a good note. Nothing unexpected but simple and sweet anyways.

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