Review of Green Mango more by Harsh Snehanshu

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Name         -Green Mango More

Author                  – Harsh Snehanshu
Publisher              – Rumour Books
Number of Pages – 224
Publishing Year   -2015
Edition                  – Paperback
                    – 156
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Rating : 3.0

The drama is at its peak.
As the sessions are changing, Acharya sir is scheming the separation of Ranjan
from his best friend Harsh. At home, Harsh cannot fall asleep because a ghost
has been following him like a pes. The friends aren’t too kind either. They
mock his giant Avon cycle when placed along their fancy Hercules and BSAs. The
only hope is that he’d surpass the class-topper Anike Bakshi in the unit test
and impress his crush, Aditi. Meanwhile there has been a shipwreck in the
Pacific and its sailor is stranded on a lonely island. Two thousand miles away,
paintings worth millions of rupees are stolen from a train. At 2.23 am, when
the town of Pallakad is sleeping, Aliyah tiptoes out of her home forever. What
will happen next in these two worlds – one real, the other fantasy? True to the
legacy of Mango Chutney, Green Mango More presents a rare mix of sweetness and
tang, of realism and fantasy, of humour and horror, with stories from childhood
that shall provoke, tickle, and above all, linger in your mind.

My Review

I never thought that innocence can be the USP of a book.  It takes us to our childhood and evokes the nostalgia. I was smiling throughout the book. Some of te stories seemed to be extracted from my life itself. It is very difficult to keep a story simple and elegant. Author succeeded in pulling off this difficult mix. Author has maintained the level of interest that budded in the reader’s mind through mango chutney. 
Author proved that cliffhangers and nail biting suspense is not required to hook the readers to the book 

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a
complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write
a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Harsh Snehanshu is Twenty-five but looks older. After graduating from IIT in 2011, he invested a year each on entrepreneurship, pan-India travel, and Young India Fellowship- a prestigious one-year fellowshipin the liberal arts. During 2012-13, he travelled solo across the country on a shoestring budget, sleeping wherever there was space and eating whatever was available, dicovering India and a bit of himself. His fascination for stories and abundence of gray hair are result of this wanderlust and reflection. The author of Because Shit Happened: What Not To Do In A Start-up! and the best selling Kanav-Tanya trilogy, Harsh is a profilic Freelance Writer, having been published in The Caravan, The Hindu, Tehelka along others. Currently an exchange student at Sciences Po, Paris at their School of Urban Affairs, Harsh is working on his forthcoming travel memoir. Mango Chutney is his fifth book.

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