Review of Spitting on Hans’ Tosti by Karin Bosman

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Book Name           –
Spitting on hans’ tosti
                 – Karin Bosman
             – C.B Logistics
of Pages – 198
Year   – 2015
                 – Kindle

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Rating : 3.0

Sexual harassment at work, the real life story about
unwelcome and unlawful behaviour in the workplace. The intimidations of sexual
harassment unwittingly pull you into a world of sadness and loneliness. This
story gradually reveals how an apparently stray kiss leads to degrading

My review

To fight a harassing boss is tough. To join hands with your colleague in the war keeping your job at stake is tougher. Spitting on Hans’ tosti is the fictional adaptation of the sexual harassment faced by the author and how she found the will power, strength and courage to go out and tell the world about what was happening behind the closed office doors and bring the culprit before the law. 

Inspite of blandly narrating the incidents, author put forth the imagery of spitting in the tosti of the boss instead of speaking up against the injustice. Author proved her literary quality through the book. The story cannot be fitted into a normal story jacket.
I would count it as an inspirational book forcing the exploited mass of employees to raise their voices.

I salute the author’s courage in facing an influential person capable of doing anything and also holding her ground without breaking down under the pressure. Her colleagues set a new example of humanity.

The book should be considered as a sincere effort to show the right path to the exploited, instead of the literary value.

Reviewed for the author

of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in
exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review.
The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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