Review of Out of the blue by Ekamdeep Singh

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Book Name
         –  Out of the blue
                 – Ekamdeep Singh
Publisher              –
Leadstart Publishing
Number of Pages – 96
Publishing Year   – 2015
 – Paperback

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Rating : 3.0

Love is understanding, mutual confidence,
sharing, and forgiving. Love is invisible. It is a true feeling; it cannot be
seen or measured. Sometimes, the voice of the heart is much stronger than all
the other sounds and words spoken without feelings.

Love leads a person to the path of truth but sometimes, the truth spoken for
love can lead us and the life of our love to the never-ending separation and
the conclusion is only destruction.

Welcome to ‘Out of the Blue’, an adventurous story of a young lieutenant,
Sebastian, who struggles through many hardships for his tormented old father
and his lover, Carole. Furthermore, plans, suspense, lust, and jealousy provide
a divergence from the loving atmosphere of Paris.

My Review 

I was wondering if I should write
the review keeping in mind the age of the author or should I give a generalized
review. Well, the book reminded me of classic adventure stories like Gulliver’s
Travel.  As a kid, I used to grab tiny book versions of the adventure
stories wherein the storyline would be given without much literary
embellishments. Out of the blue is one like that. The story is interesting and
engaging with lot of surprising twists and turns. I kept on wondering how a
fifteen year old boy, could imagine such an intense story. The language of the
author is good. His vast reading is evident in the book. The title and book
cover is completely in sink with the story.

Again experience and age matters. The lack of embellishments that
I mentioned earlier would be because of his lack of experience in life. Lack of
Character build up is one of the major flaws. I cannot be judgmental or biased
as a reviewer. But I am forced to say that Ekamdeep has done an exemplary job
for his age. But to come into the world of literature a little more experience
and hard work is needed.

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of
Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange
for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The
opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the

“I write
because one day I will be gone, but my writings will always live on.” Ekamdeep
Singh, a student of class 10, at Little Flower Convent Sr. Sec. School
Gurdaspur, has contributed to the field of Literature with his novel ‘Out of
the Blue.’ He was born in a small town of Punjab, Gurdaspur, on September 4,
2000. The prolific work, intellectuality and deep interest of the author in
English has led to the shaping of this book. The author has also written a
French- historical novel ‘An Outrageous Vengeance’ in 2013, endeavouring to
meet the desires of the initiated readers. Besides novels and novellas, he is
also working on his upcoming projects including poetry, plays, and drama.
Contact no.: 7087532777, 9914377007 Email:
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