Odd and Imperfect

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Book Name           – Odd and Imperfect

Author                  – A.A.Gupte
Publisher              – Smashwords
Publishing Year   – 2015
Edition                  – Kindle

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Rating : 3.5

What happens when two broken souls collide?

MARK WILLIAMS. Powerful. Charming. Actor. Shy. Wants to die!

CELESTE JAMES. Philosophical. Troubled. Alone. Guarded. Offers MARK a final cheerful memory before he bids the world goodbye!

A man with no desire for a future, and a girl not letting go of her troubled past. Both suffocating in realities of their own.

One spontaneous adventure for CELESTE becomes a reflective journey for MARK in the middle of nowhere.

A story about faith, friendship, heartbreak, a scandal and a revelation. 

My review

Odd and imperfect is the unusual love story of Celeste and Mark. Two broken souls. It’s interesting to see how two people with parallel lives intersect unexpectedly.

The connection between Celeste and Mark is interesting. For Example (spoilers ahead) When Mark made tea for himself, Celeste was relieved that he didn’t go for the ladies first tag. They are unlike every normal person. Their priorities, outlook are all abnormally normal for each other. Together they fight the demons of their past. 

The subject of the story cannot be called fresh. There have been love stories of broken souls’ romance. The combination of the famous male protagonist with bodyguards hovering around and the unknown female protagonist who comes to limelight all of a sudden is also old wine in new bottle. But what makes the story stand out is the treatment. 

Author had assured that there is no erotica in the story but still I was apprehensive since the stories of the similar craft had it and I expected the same erotica. But author stood to his words. There are obviously some love making scenes but the thin line between sensuality and sexuality is maintained. 

There were a lot of grammatical errors. Especially using he for she was confusing since the story is a switch between first person narration of Celeste and Mark.
If you are looking for a tough love story, this would be the right book. 

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

I pursued studies in English Literature to strengthen my love for reading and writing while working as a freelance reporter for a local supplement associated to a national newspaper.

I’m inspired by the uniqueness of people. Their stories, dreams and struggles. My favorite stories involve characters who are reflective. Characters that are willing to push themselves to discover something new about herself/himself. I try to incorporate food, drinks, expressions and music in my writing to define characters and their traits.

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