Review- Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

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Book Name    – Forbidden Desires

Author            – Madhuri Banerjee
Publisher       – Rupa Publications
Number of Pages – 272
Publishing Year   – 2016
Edition                    – Paperback

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Rating : 3.5

‘Why do romantic relationships fade away? Does the magic slowly die? Or 

do lovers simply wake up one morning realizing they are done? Is it a trick t
hat time plays on happy couples or is it something more profound, an 
evolution perhaps, of our feelings and our needs?’

Imagine there is a person you know nothing about, who is slowly 
destroying your marriage. Imagine there is a stranger who enters your life and makes you realize you are living a lie. Imagine there is a love so deep that you need to sacrifice everything you have to save it. Imagine you find out your partner is cheating on you. What will you do?

Naina, Ayesha, Kavita and Kaajal are four women who know nothing about each other and live cocooned in their individual worlds. Until one day, 
they’re forced to reckon with shocking truths they never imagined! Their desires haunt them, provoke them and make them fight to choose a new path in their lives. Will these women 
survive their stories of passion, 
betrayal and pain?

Bestselling author and film writer Madhuri Banerjee brings to you a new romantic thriller that interweaves varied stories of women and their passions, to show us how all relationships ultimately crash into 
each other.

My review

Should I start with the technicalities or story? Well, the book is the story of
four women who were stuck between families, commitments and desires forbidden by societal standards. 

Authoress adapted vernacular and simple writing style even if the story line is quite complicated. This is an out and out urban Indian book with full on Indian flavour which is reflected in the Hinglish dialogues. Authoress succeeded in permeating the emotions to the readers. The story moves in a 
fast pace without any unnecessary lag. Characters are crafted well. Every character possesses individuality and conviction.

The suspense is another highlight. The secret of Kavitha and Kajal could not 
be guessed at any point till the authoress herself revealed it. 

Notwithstanding the caliber and 
finesse of the writer, the whole idea of the story was indigestible for me. 
I don’t opine that families should uphold  values or pursue the relations no matter how far they fall apart. But a relation outside marital binding should be pursued only after separation. 
Hence I could not comprehend the whole idea of quenching the forbidden desires. 

There were too many characters. 
Hence a character index should have been given in the beginning for the 
ease of following.

Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Madhuri Banerjee is an Indian bestselling author and writer. She is a blogger at CNN-IBN, a columnist with The Asian Age, an Ad film director, a screenplay writer for Bollywood films, and a mother. Madhuri has won a National Award for her poignant and realistic documentary on the issues that women face, Between Dualities. Madhuri Banerjee is the bestselling author of five books including Advantage Love and Scandalous Housewives.

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