Sight seeing at flood spot

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The phone rang like it is banging it’s own head to the wall, unable to bear the words to be delivered through it.
“How will I prevent this vile practice?” the phone wailed.
He picked up the call in enthusiasm. ” I’m game. I have been waiting for your call for an hour. What else is here to entertain us these days! Okay I will wait in front of my gate.” Saying thus, he kept the phone in the cradle but it created incessant squeaking noise that he whacked it.  He jumped out of his house and waited in the front of his house for his friend. Suddenly a blue color CBR snorted its way to him like a beast. Without exchanging words, he hopped in. 
“It will not take long today it seems.” He shouted to beat the noise of the beast but his friend did not respond. After an hour they reached the location.
“OMG. My FB page is going to be flooded with likes.” he said and took out his phone. Keeping his phone in record mode and walked. The gadget devoured the sight before it like a gourmet. Floating sandals, dresses, drowned cars, immersed houses, uprooted trees.
“Where would have the inhabitants gone?” h ran ouis friend asked.
“Who cares? We’ll record this soon and go back. But what a stink. I will puke I gotta upload this first.” He said.  Suddenly something tickled his feet. 
“Eeew… I think a frog just licked me. Yuck.” he jumped back to see a floating carcass of a goat. Feeling nauseated, he turned and walked but he stumbled upon something and fell into the stinky water face down into a human corpse. Frightened, he dragged himself and searched for his friend but he was nowhere to be seen. Stranded in the place, without a living soul around, he screamed in fear.
Sweat drops kissed his temple. He wiped his forehead and checked the time. 7.00 Am. He took his phone and called his friend. 
“Dude, I’m not coming. You go.”Without waiting for a response, he disconnected the call. 
Hi Readers,
What I wrote might be fiction but there is a tinge of reality. There are folks living in safer areas of Chennai, who go to visit the flood inflicted areas just to see the spot. To see ‘WATER’. To record it in their phones and upload it in their site to get maximum likes. Can you believe it ? Yesterday I met one of this sort. Yes, I am speaking the truth. Stark reality.
If you are one, please stop this. Don’t grab likes with others’ pain. Show some responsibility. Stop being apathetic. You are the future. 
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