Review of Touch of Mist by Deepika Muthusamy

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                  Book Name              Touch of Mist               

                 Author                      Deepika Muthusamy         
                 Publisher                  Cyberwit
                 Genre                      YA Romance   
                 Number of Pages  208
                 Publishing Year     2013
                 Binding                    Paperback

                 Rating : 3.5


Reena was distraught. It seemed unbelievable that she too 

had succumbed to this rat race of life. The consequences had 

been dire: a marriage that had broken even before the 

profundity of those three magical words, “I Love You” could 

sink in.

“Touch of Mist” is a glitzy, modern-day love story of two 

young, sophisticated, IT professionals, Gautham and Reena, 

who meet by chance, sparks ignite and they fall head over 

heels in love with each other.
They tie the knot and start a new life. But no sooner do they 

do that that fights erupt and egos clash. The first casualty is 

love, which plummets and marriage turns miserable; break-

up beckons and the relationship dies.
Aftermath. Does Reena commit suicide or fall in love with 

another person? Does she reconcile with her first love 


This story meanders through different emotions that touch 

the lives of the protagonists such as love, friendship, 

marriage, heartbreak, grief, anticipation, humour, disgust, 

joy, fear and ends with a heart-warming credo that “Life is to 



Reena and Gautam meet each other at an IT firm where they both worked. Love sparkled between them. With silly fights and reconciliation, their lives move forward and finally end up as a married couple. But, Marriage doesn’t make them matured. They start their fights for even sillier matters. One day their life sways unexectedlty with a not-so-silly matter. What is it? How will they face it? Will they separate?


Gautham: Male protaginist
Reena : Female Protagonist
Reena’s Parents
Gautham’s Parents
Rachana and Laya: Gautham’s Sister and child
Kishore: Gautham and Reena’s colleague, best friend.

 My Review

The book is a YA fiction. The story represents many couples who marries their colleagues and finally succumb to the work pressure, ego, possessiveness and the new generation life style in simple verses. It starts as a girl meets boy love story but later author tried to convey a great message.


The story is a sincere depiction of a reality. The main highlight of the story is an attempt to convey the message for the mass with suicidal tendency. Suicide is not the solution for anything. Another highlight is the unbiased character portrayal. She made sure that the positives and negatives of both protagonists are portrayed. I was frankly getting tired lately, due the perfect fairy tale love stories where the lovers are separated by accidents or natural calamities. The relation between Reena and Gautham seems so real. Each and every incident of love and fights are effortlessly rendered. Great care have been given in character build up. Seeing the current trend the story has a potential to become a bestseller if re worked a bit more.
If you are also looking for a realistic love story apart from the perfect lovers’ paradise, you will love this book.


I have been following Deepika’s blog lately and I feel that she did not use her full potential in the book. A thorough proofreading could have added a star. 

One Liner

An effortless story of two sincere, loving, egoistic people, with a hidden message.

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 About the Author

A blogger and an avid trekker, Deepika Muthusamy enthralls 

us with her debut novel, Touch of Mist as she captivates her 

readers by delineating human emotions at its depth. Deepika 

is passionate about badminton, yoga and gardening. 

Charming and versatile, she is set out to elucidate her theory 

of life through her novel.

Reviewed for the publisher

 Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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