Review of solitude and other poems by Rajender Krishan

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Book Name              :    Solitude and other poems
Author                      :     Rajender Krishan
Publisher                 :     Cyberwit
Number of Pages   :     135
Publishing Year     :     2013
Edition                      :    Hardback
Rating : 4.0


Seizing the spirit of a difficult and confusing age and conscious of the momentous and crucial challenges in thepost-modern

 era, the poet with an originality of evocative images mesmerizes, discarding obscure and ingeniously intelligible sophistication of urbane characteristics. Occasional surge of rhythmic language and love for realism permeates his poetry. Treatment of imperceptible meanderings into world of the known and the unknown engages and excites. Varied experiences gathered, amaze as words create music in a nostalgic orb. Celebration of instinctive love for 

literature, tradition and religion is apparent, as refined worldly outlook of poet makes lyrics memorable. Some of the poems in this book disturbingly depict the damage caused to the society by people s exploitation, violence and avarice for material comforts. The poet views Women as saviors of life, art, culture and heritage so he feels upset by the fact that many men are cruel and bestial towards them. The poet observes that Selfishness mutilates relationships, as warmth turns frigid. Through his poetry, the poet also raises questions about life and death and its metaphysical implications. A man thinks he is somewhere but alas, he is nowhere, for he is perpetually engulfed by feelings of emptiness. If a man desires to merge with the Lord, he must discover the true meaning of silence and solitude. This lucid moment of discovery, understanding and realization can then usher in freedom and harmony to his life, such is the missive given by Rajender Krishan s poetry which is gentle, lyrical and thought-provoking.

My Review

Solitude and other poems is a collection of sixty poems. Author has written about prodigious topics in the book. The poems are spiritual, philosophical, romantic, political and more. The main subject of the poems is attainment of ultimate spirituality. Poems on finding the fullness in nothingness, understanding the philosophy of ‘I am that’, attaining Nirvana etc can be predominantly seen in the book.

Poets attachment with and love for his wife, his cry for preservation of nature, protest against the double standards of the society, utter disgust on terrorism, rape and other social evils etc are the other main topics.

Poet has not been strictly into maintaining the rules of meter nor figures of speech, nevertheless the poems are all rhythmic and musical. I will name a few poems which excited me.

Core of the onion is a  spiritual bliss so is Solitude, breathe, speech, hunger, realization, lines, crossroads, freedom, what I am, tat tatvam asi etc. The Hindu obligation is his protest against burning of trees during Hindu rituals. 
When intercourse explains absolute nothingness, nirvana renders the ultimate sexual pleasure. 

What exited me the poem reflection written by the poet for his wife and her reply poem. Changing face of man, Struggling workers, Irony, death in kinder garten, nirbhaya, mortification, kill the devil etc are poet’s lament on the social evils. The poem politics teach us that we ourselves should abstain from lying if we want our children to be honest.
All in all the book was like a feast of spicy sweets. Most of the poems where subjective. The illustrations in the book are really good but there is one thing I did not like at all. Some pages just had illustrations, that too up to one-fourth of the page. The poet being a nature lover and an advocate of reforestation should was taken care not to waste the pages like this. As insinuated in the poem politics we should act our words.

One Liner

A collection of peoms rich in music, imagery, anger, love, passion, lust and spirituality

Avail the book from Cyberwit

About the author

Born in 1951, Rajender Krishan (aka Raj Chowdhry), had his primary and middle school education in Bal Bharati and Air Force School, then passed his matriculation from Punjab University and completed his graduation from Delhi University, India. He has extensive experience of working in poultry farming, advertising, sales and marketing, antique reproduction and real estate consultancy. In 1989, he migrated to New York, USA with his wife Meera Chowdhry and two children – Anmol and Chandrika. 
Rajender Krishan believes in the freedom of expression and is an admirer of the poet seer Kabir. He is passionate about Poetry, Photography and Visual Art. He loves to share his thoughts with hundreds of writers – poets, journalists, novelists, critics and artists through his website

Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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