My debut novel- Waves in the Sky

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So this is it.Finally waves in the sky is all set to uproot the hearts of the readers. This is the supposed book cover. Share your views.

 And yes, the back blurb. Here we go.You can choose from the two or give your suggestion


They played together, studied together, stayed together, under the shades of their mother banyan, till they fell apart. They swayed with the Waves in the sky that welcomed them. Time maneuvered their lives through unforeseen circumstances. They are the Canaries- Charu, Ananya, Neha, Avantika,Raihana, and Yami- naughty, twins, singing,studious and deadly Canaries..This is their story- Story of their love, hatred, friendship and enmity. This is also the story of their mother banyan- Ms. Malini. A contemporary fiction, which revolves around a murder mystery. 


Time maneuvered their lives through unforeseen circumstances. The canaries- Charu, Ananya, Neha, Avantika,Raihana and Yami- are the heart and soul of Naivedya, run by Ms.Malini. Little did they know that they would be centrifuged by the waves in their blue sky. Hanging on to their mother banyan, they held their wings together and fought the storm.
A mind boggling tale of Six headstrong girls, thirty years of their life, their mother banyan-Ms.Malini and a mystery. A thrilling mysterious contemporary fiction.

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