A touching tale of a girl yearning for father’s love

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Book Name             :    Cherished
Author                     :   Lakshmi Menon

Publisher                :   Cyberwit.net
Publishing Year    :   2013
Edition                     :   Paperback
Rating : 4.0


Grishma, accompanied by her father and four month old 
baby, boards the train to Delhi to join her husband Praveen. She decides to give him an unexpected visit. Little does she know that her journey will end in havoc to her life. 19 years later, Grishma’s daughter Jyothi, longing for her father’s love and support, determines to search for him, despite her mother’s strong protests. Will Praveen accept her as 
his daughter? 
This is the story of Jyothi’s pursuit of parental love, which she 
considers as her legitimate right.


Jyothi, who has never seen her father decides to find him. With a lot of struggle, she finds her father and sneaks out to meet him with the silent support of her local guardian. She learns that he is married with three children. She is exasperated to know how menial misunderstandings developed and shattered her family. How will her mother react to this new found bond? Will her father’s new family accept her?


Jyothi- Protagonist
Greeshma- Jyothi’s mother
Praveen- Jyothi’s father
Bharathi Rao- Jyothi’s PG(PAYING GUEST) Aunty
Greeshma’s parents, brother, sister- in-law
Praveen’s uncle, cousin.

My Review

The book mirrors a grave reality that persists in the society these days. Both girls and boys end up their marital relations for silly misunderstanding, without thinking about the children who are sandwiched between.


The writing style of authoress is really good. The topic is handled with the responsibility it deserves and depicted without even a tinge of exaggeration. The unending craving of Jyothi to find her father and feel his love, touches the hardest hearts. To live without an idea about how one’s father looks like or how a father’s love feels like is heartbreaking. That too when he is alive.  
The flashback where the readers get to know how Greeshma and Praveen separated is explained authentically. Jyoti’s teenage character and hatred for her mother reminds us of many daughters who are belligerent towards their mother and finds fault with them.
Great care is given in character build up. Each and every characters seem to live before us.  The books speaks out loudly about years of experience authoress, as a writer.
Book cover, and title is in sink with the story. The book is well edited and proofread.


The present and past could have been distinguished properly as three parts. Since the past is explained in detail a clear differentiation would have been icing on the cake.

One Liner

The book tells us how petty egos and immaturity makes us do deeds which are irreversible. 

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About the author

I have been writing since my teenage days. The Second Choice is my debut novel. It is available in both paperback and in ebook formats. Prior to this, many of my short stories, articles and children’s stories have been published. Apart from writing and reading, I also enjoy travel and explore new places, as and when time permits.
Presently, I’m engaged in writing my second novel. I love meeting other writers and getting connected.

All my book details are here on this blog. http://indusww.wordpress.com. When you find time please browse through it.

Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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