Skin Care for my kids with the Genie of diapers

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I have already discussed about the five things I would do to protect my baby’s skin. Was that all? No. There are even more. Skin care is not just about oil, lotion and related items. Today I would like to share a few more methods to keep my baby’s skin soft and tender.

1. Mosquito Repellents


      Mosquitoes are like the Trojan horses, we could not expect what comes out from their tiny antennas. More than mere bite marks or rashes, mosquitoes bites causes many diseases. Mosquito nets cannot be trusted completely. It is then that the importance of mosquito repellents become relevant. I pamper my baby’s skin with mosquito repellents so that those dangerous insects stay away from my prince and princess.

2.  Vitamin E

Vitamin E rich food protects the skin like a safety coating. Food rich in Vitamin E are wheat germ oil, nuts like peanut, hazelnut etc, green leafy vegetables etc.

3. Sun

 To protect my child from ultraviolet rays and other dangerous rays, I try to avoid taking them under the sun. If in any odd situations, I happen to take them under the sun, I apply baby lotions containing sun screen. At the same time, I take them under the sun during morning and late evening because at that time, sun’s rays are good for skin and helps in producing Vitamin D in our body.

4. A/C

Kids sleeping in A/C rooms looks so fresh, and fair. Is A/C good for skin? Actually no. I live in Kerala, where humidity it high. I such a climate, if we accustom our kid’s skin to the artificially created atmosphere of A/C, it might damage the natural adapting capability. In the unrelenting heat these days, its not practical to avoid A/C but I try to reduce the hours and low temperature.

5. Turmeric

The favorite home remedy of every Indian mother. It’s antiseptic properties are known in every houses in India. Turmeric milk is the best for deep cleansing their body. I apply turmeric paste once in a week to retain the glow of their skin. It also prevent unwanted hair growth in future, says our grandmothers. I don’t know about the authenticity of this argument but I buy it since Turmeric made their skin soft and glowing.

Last time I told you about the benefits of Pampers premium pants. I would like to share a detailed analysis of the same in this post as well.

Changing diapers is the nightmare of many moms especially in areas where diaper changing rooms are not available. There are even international airports without a diaper changing facility. I’m such a scenario, a diaper which pamper baby skin for long hours is like a Genie. Yes, the genie of diapers Pampers Premium Care Pants.

As you can see, the diapers give up to 12 hours dryness. So no hassle of changing diaper every four  – five hours.

The genie of diapers provide us with something unheard of. It is the wetness indicator.

The all round fitness provide extreme comfort to your baby.

The Genie of diapers appeared in a Spectacular event

If you want to know more, you have to buy it for yourself but before that, I would like to give a sneak peek on what these mothers have to say.

So what are you waiting for? Go, get the Genie magic.

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