A journey through the inner self, which elucidates the peradventure about spirituality. Review of Know Thyself by Gian Kumar

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Book Name  
            Know Thyself
                :               Gian Kumar
              :               Celestial Books
(imprint of Leadstart Publishing)
Genre                      :               Non-Fiction(spirituality)
Number of Pages    :               326
Publishing Date  
  :               2015
              :               Paperback
                  :               9789352013722

Rating : 4.5

In the
first of his series of 3 books: Gian Kumar answers our questions related to
spirituality in a simple and seamless manner. From time immemorial, people have
searched for definitive responses to questions such as: Who am I? Where do I
come from? Does God exist? What is the essence of my relationship with Him?
Gian’s thoughts are an amalgam of Science, Spirituality and Philosophy. He
believes that once we discover our true selves, our lives can be freed from
stress, depression and misery. The core of this series is based upon the
absolute reality of life – Oneness between the Self and the Universe. Knowing
oneself is the most challenging task. It involves accepting our alter ego or
shadow-self. When we understand and accept who we really are, in totality. We
have a better chance of achieving what we want from our lives. Know Thyself –
herein lies the key to success, happiness and fulfilment…

My Review

Through the book, Gian
kumar knocks open the sectors of brain, which were shut against spirituality
and spiritual thoughtS. He pulls the readers towards the book and indulges their
intellect through unprecedented thought process. The book coerces the reader to
stop showing blind faith and start gaining the knowledge. The book vehemently
criticizes the neo-gen religious Guru’s and their barbarian practices. Author unravels how these so called pseudo leaders contort the ancient
literature and strip them off the real spirituality. Author proposes that one
should pursue the spiritual journey after fulfilling the worldly desires,
especially the sensual desires. One should detach the self from themselves and view
their own self as a separate entity. Author expands the meaning of ‘Thou art
that’ or ‘I am that’, which can be said in a different word- Aham Brahmasmi. He
evaluated the Brahman for the ease of the reader. It is this oneness; we should
search for, to know ourselves. Author links consciousness, awareness and the
energy interacting within the mind seamlessly. The book urges us to go beyond
the duality of existence. The thought of God as an intensely inner experience
came to my mind for the first time from this book. Author interprets the
duality of life and death, sex and love and finally the power of our body. It
might sound like a cliché but I have to say that the book is a 
roller-coaster ride of several realms of our spirit, body, and mind. The book made me urge for
more. There were some 
symbolism and ideas like comparison of body to temple,
which were extracted from books like Gita.
There were some points
which I deferred with the author or I would say I was not able to comprehend it
the way author meant. Author claims that even if your genetic code contains a
cancer program, the same need to be expressed through the consciousness of your
cell membrane unless your mind through its power of conviction agrees to it. I
felt that it was a slightly exaggerated explanation of the power of
spirituality. Another point is that author says about the search of inner self
once we have wealth, power and other paraphernalia. This puts those mass of
people, who are unable to attain the same in a different strata. When many of
the so-called spiritual gurus contorted our ancient literature, there were some
of them, who were successful in permeating the right messages to the masses.
This could have been mentioned. In spites of these doubts the book placed itself in a prominent position in my reader mind. I am waiting to read the sequels.

One Liner

journey through the inner self, which elucidates the 
peradventure about
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About the Author

Kumar was born into a traditional Hindu family, in Burma (present-day Myanmar).
From childhood, his life held paradoxes which he struggled to understand. While
he was educated at a Christian boarding school which observed strict religious
practices, these were diametrically opposed to the Hindu traditions and customs
which were the norm when he went home for the holidays. A thinker by nature,
the inherent confusion and dogmas underlying religion, gradually impelled him
towards spirituality. Today, he is deeply grateful for a journey filled with
opportunities to learn about existential riddles such as: Who am I? What is my
purpose in Life? Is God an illusion? Gian hopes to share his own experiential
learnings with others through the medium of his books. Gian lives with his
family in New Delhi.
Reviewed for the publisher (Leadstart publishing Pvt. Ltd

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy
from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a
positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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