Defining the future of Graphic novella-A review of Vizag Blue

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Book Name            :     Vizag blue- A Graphic Novella        
Author                     :      Anil.C.S.Rao
Publisher               :
Genre           :      Graphic Novella
Number of Pages  :      53
Publishing Year     : 2011
Binding                   : Paperback

Rating : 4.0

An excerpt
Prem drove Kalpana back to the beach house…… The next morning… She was awoken by the bright Sun…without her clothes…. Kalpana… Thank God we found you! Anil and I were searching all night for you… We were about to notify the local authorities shortly…. What happened??? And where are your clothes??? Kalpana maintained her silence… She honestly did not have any answer’s to nurse Usha’s questions in any case….

My Review

Vizag blue is the story of a girl, Kalpana, who lives in her hallucinations. While she slips into her dream world, she is with Prem. Kalpana ends up in a mental asylum where she shuts herself into a shell of solitude. The nurse in the asylum takes her to Vizag in an effort to bring her back to the normal, real world. How does she attune Kalpana? What happens to her ? How does she handle her paranoia? The book reveals the rest.


The book is a graphic novella, a psychological thriller. The graphics are impressive. The story is a gripping one. Unlike a mere graphic book, a strong story line is the highlight of the book.  Author succeeded in maintaining the curiosity of the readers. I would call this a graphic short story than a novella. The story of the nurse Usha helping Kalpana to get out of her solitude is built up nicely. The book breaks the preconceived notion that graphic books are for kids. Author proves that it is possible to excite the reader and maintain the anxiety, at the same time preserve the graphical authenticity. The cover image design is good. The quality of the cover is plausible.


At some areas, the characterization lacked consistency. Some of the dialogues were not formatted inside the dialogue box.

One Liner

The thrilling psychological journey through graphics

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 About the Author

Anil CS Rao is an artist and writer presently based in Andhra Pradesh in South India. He has lived in the West from the age of 4 prior to obtaining “dual citizenship” and relocating to his Mother Land in 2010. His mixed media / photoshop artwork has been exhibited in galleries in the States, Europe and in India.
His wife, Padmaja is a painter and together they explore synergies with respect to their combined talents – a.k.a. “Padnil Arts” in the creation of publications and computer animated films.

Reviewed for the publisher
 Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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