An eye opener about the twisted tale of reservation. Review of Seeking Redemption by Madhu Vajpayee

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Book Name             :          Seeking Redemption     
Author                     :          Machu Vajpayee
Publisher                 :         Half Baked Beans
Number of Pages     :          194
Publishing Date       :         October 2015(second edition)
Binding                    :           Paperback
ISBN                        :          9789384315

Rating : 4.0


Story of a girl Meera, who is unwittingly drawn into a conflict from where she finds it difficult to emerge unscathed. It’s her journey from being a simple, medical graduate belonging to a middle class family to the uncharted territories of corruption and caste-based politics. Her path is crossed by two men, both compelling yet completely contrasting characters, who are going to change her life forever. If it is Aman Sharma who can challenge her ideals, defy her resolves and make her the person she finally becomes, it is Abhay Bharti’s sublime love which enables her to go through the vicissitudes of life. It’s also the story of her loss as well as triumph against her own demons to find her true self


Meera is a doctor who is planning to appear  for the post graduate entrance. She invested her heart and soul since she wanted to crack the exam to assure a good future for her and a better living for her family. While preparing for the exams, she finds her love in Aman, who is head over heels in love with her. Nevertheless, she decides to keep her heart affairs away from her ambition and studies. But, fate is not in her side. She could not pass the test. A heartbroken Meera tries to get admission as a medical officer in the medical college where she studied. Meera is denied the post because it was a reservation seat. She is exasperated to know that the seat is vacant but still she was denied the chance. While she tries to convince the dean Prof. Rajaram about her eligibility, her beauty and smartness mesmerizes, Abhay Bharti IAS.  Meera’s responsibility doubles when her brother Raghav is admitted in a private Engineering College. With the help of Abhay Bharti,Meera gets a job as a medical officer in a private hospital. While Meera tries to find a job to secure her family, her father becomes paralyses, ending her family’s final hope. While Meera tries hard to make two ends meet, Aman is indulged in Anti-reservation protest. A resilient Meera is shattered when Aman is arrested in connection with the suicide of one his students. How will Meera face the new challenge? Will Aman be released? How does Abhay’s feeling for her affect her life? What are the new challenges that sway her? The answer to the questions could be availbale from the subsequent chapters.


Meera Mishra- Protaginst; Doctor

Aman Sharma- Meera’s Boyfriend; Doctor

Abhay Bharti- Meera’s Suitor; IAS Officer

Meera’s Parents

Raghav : Meera’s Brother

Rahul Dubey: Meera’s Cousin; Businessman

Prof. Rajaram- Medical College Dean

Rajesh Kumar- Joint Secretary

Mr. Raghuveer Prasad- Education minister

Kiran Mala and Priya- Meera’s Friends

Sanjay Hari and Rajeev – Aman’s friends

Shatabhai – Meera’s house keeper.

The cast is even bigger


Written in the background of the life of Meera, Seeking Redemption is the story about the malicious political play in using the cast reservation for conversion into votes. Authoress tries to make the point that reservation should not be based on caste but on eligibility. Instead of providing reservation to backward classes, it should be provided to the poorer sections of all classes. Authoress tries to prove the fact that in spite of the reservation, the poorer sections of the backward classes are still exploited and in the dark.
The pace of the story is really fast, without any lagging or lose ends. The events happen one after the other. Hence, readers will be forced to continue reading to know what next? The character of Meera is well crafted but the one who impressed me is Ahalya, Meera’s mother. I must say that Madhu came out in flying colors while portraying her. I would dare to say the Meera’s mother is the representative of 99% mothers of India. Loving, caring, irritating, judgmental, selfless, soft, innocent, fierce- All in one.
Abhay’s feeling for Meera is subdued but strong. Authoress succeeded in portraying the same with finesse. I liked Rahul Dubey’s Character portrayal. We can see one Rahul Dubey in every family.
The dubious alliance between politicians, bureaucrats and the businessmen could not be written off as just fiction since we, as normal Indians, have witnessed the same. I liked the fact that she made it a point that redemption of the backward classes is necessary but not by just reservations. They should be provided basic amenities and above all, awareness. I wanted to speak more about the book but it would end up as a spoiler. Hence, I leave the rest to the readers.


The regurgitation of school life by Meera and friends in the first chapter was unnecessary. The relation between Aman and Meera could have worked upon a little more or they should have been introduced as already a couple. I dint not like the overuse of the word lower middle class family. 

One Liner

An Eye opener about the double standards of the political and bureaucratic league in the name of reservations and uplifting of backward class

Sneak Peek

” There are only two divisions of society, rich and poor. This division can eclipse any other divisions”

“Love can make you do things which you cannot do otherwise”

“The problem with this kind of contorted policy is that the status quo of poor and illiterate from backward class has remained the same”

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About the Author

Dr.Madhu Vajpayee– the writer was born somewhere in those hospital corridors where she has spent the last two decades of her life. Witnessing life at such close quarters pushed her to capture its enigma in her words and slowly it became her passion. After writing several scientific papers and chapters in books, she is currently working on her second journey in literary world, the first being Seeking Redemption

Having done her graduation, MBBS from King Georges Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow she went ahead to pursue her post-graduation, MD from AIIMS, New Delhi. She was a consultant at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi having been associated with management of patients living with HIV/AIDS. 

She is now settled in Melbourne, Australia with her family, where she is devoting most of her time to writing, the passion that she couldn’t pursue earlier because of the demands of medical profession and commitment it requires. When not creating stories, Madhu enjoys reading and travelling.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the b00kr3vi3wtours in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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