Red Flag- Is distrust tearing your marriage apart

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RED FLAG: Is distrust tearing your marriage apart

Author: Titania Hudson

Format: Kindle Edition

Is jealousy killing the romance in the marriage? Are the insecurities 

and fears of a jealousy spouse driving you insane, what with the 

feelings of frustration and anxiety you’re subject to, whenever your

 spouse puts you through multiple tests to ascertain if you’ve actually

 crossed the boundaries of fidelity and commitment. 

Don’t lose hope and succumb to temptation, simply because you are 

surrounded by plentiful admirers, and you are trying to find ways to 

escape from your marriage problems! 

With this detailed love guide, you can run a mental check on the trust issues troubling you and your spouse. 

. What are the root causes of distrust and how they can place your marriage under duress? 

. Explain the concept of jealousy and how it can destroy a relationship through its adverse 


. Ways to tell if you actually married a spouse who’s prone to fits of jealousy 

. Top ten secrets men and women hide from their own spouses 

. 20 effective tips to help you to nurture the growth of trust between married couples 

My Review

Red Flag is a non-fiction book on relationships. As the title suggest, the author warns us about the dangers that we might encounter, if we ignore the signs of jealousy and mistrust in relations. Citing the statistics of increasing divorces, author reinforces the fact that a successful marriage needs a lot of conscious effort. The book is divided into six chapters. The introductory first chapter explains the signs of jealousy and mistrust, or simply stating, the red flag.The symptoms, as it might be termed, make us feeling that every marriage is just the same. One way or other we can relate to the  marital life of either ourselves or someone we know  about. Author has perfectly used experience of working as a dating counselor in citing the point by point account of troublesome relations.

The second chapter tells how to cope up with the signs. It explains the view point of the jealous partner as well as the victim.  The third and forth chapters explains the ten secrets men and women hide from their respective partners.The fifth chapter can be called the show stopper. It describe the 20 tips for a successful marriage.A marriage is an agreement where in both parties agree to make amendments on their personal preferences. East or west, relationships are the same.

 The books will leave 90% of the readers wondering how the author came to know about their relationship because she has explained the subtle nuances of all types of  relations. The twenty effective tips are quite effective if practiced with an open heart.

The book might create magic in your life if you  read it and practice the tips with an open and receptive mind. 

Book is small with 66  pages which makes us feel like it finished before we started but the vision it permeates is far more than the 66 pages.


 The book is a close knit one with out any loose ends. It covers all major points. Author pin points every point without unnecessary dragging explanations.


The chapter four, explaining the ten secrets that women withhold, some points of which, seem irrelevant. 

Overall the book is worth the time and money because all we live for is to have a healthy beutiful happy life 

Rating : 3.5.0

which would not be possible without a good relationship.



The kindle version is available at Amazon

                                   Reviewed for the Author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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