Is troubling parents a quintessential new-gen dude and diva quality

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Lately I overheard a conversation. Overheard would not be the right term because I did not deliberately listen to them( I don’t want to be trademarked as a gossipmonger ๐Ÿ™‚
Well, while the rhetoric was happening between two people standing behind me I had to let the sound waves enter my Tympanum.
It went like this.
Speaker 1: I just went to have a regular visit to the doctor but I was admitted immediately for a surgery.
Speaker2: Oh my god! how adveturous you are
Speaker1: I am a spoiled brat, you know. I don’t go home regularly, I don’t listen to my parents.
Speaker2: Me2 and they hi fived.
Speaker1: But you are a good guy, rt? But I am not.
Speaker2: Yeah May be. (He looked at his friend adoringly.)

The relation between parents and children is the most precious, notwithstanding the greatness of carrying one’s child in womb for nine months or the sacrifice of toiling to bring up their child. I am no one to tell anyone to love their parents but would like to request the new gen folks not to find happiness in troubling them. Its was never cool and would never be.

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