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Advice are those piece of words that we hate the most, even if provided free of cost. Especially when they come from the older generation. ” I know what to do” would be our response. Yes, I hate advice too.

But, what if it comes from an expert, that too anonymously!! And free of cost.
Does that ring a bell? 
Advice regarding education, career, relationships,men’s and women’s health,sex,mental health, legal issues,’money, parenting,property, beauty,gadgets and what not.
The right message might resurrect you from the slumber of pain and depression.
DEPRESSION is not about sitting alone in a corner, or ranting or becoming violent. A mere dejection might take its toll. Opening your heart to someone might ease you of the subdued fear and sorrow but due to the fear of society, many refrain from seeking help. If someone accidentally see you at the counselor’s abode. Alas!!
That’s where Advice Adda comes into picture.

Sorry for the long intro but the website is quite worth it. It deals with all the aforesaid issues , that too expert advice. 


 If you think that this website is only for those with personal problems or psychological or clinical issues, you are mistaken. The variances of the genres of expertise is the unique quality of Advice Adda. Other than the clinical and psychological experts, they also have a team of make up artists, personal trainer, journalist and more.

You can sign up in a single click and posting queries are even easier. The page views are soon proceeding to a million with 2 and a half unique users. I myself examined the portal and found it quite helpful. The answers are quite clear and up to the point. 

Instead of using complicated terms and confusing the seeker, the experts are very friendly and cooperative.
Promptness is another quality of the portal. We don’t have to wait indefinitely to get a reply.
What will you lose by just having a look. I’m sure you would not go back without sharing your predicament and seeking advice
You can be a part of this novel venture by CROW FUNDING them. The details follows

Rating : 5.0

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