love is in the air2

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Carby ditched oxy!!

The news spread like fire. The location shook, a shudder spread through their spines. Carby failed to cooperate and their romantic predicament sent waves through the nation. The location where they made love was admired and adored by crores and crores of people.
“Carby, please cooperate with us. You are fighting at the wrong location wherein you have to do this at a least accepted place. ” nitro wailed.
“No, its time to end this once and for all. Last time you mediated but that’s not going to happen this time.” Carby batted her eye lashes and turned her gaze to the eternity.” I was asked to end this by my father. He said its high time this location reach him but oxy failed to cooperate. He teamed up with the terrorists who misled him saying that they will save the location but he failed to imbibe the inevitable reality that they will leave the place one day and he will lose his habitat.”

“Had you told this, oxy would have cooperated.”
“No, he will not. He will go to the greenery and they will eat him alive.” Tears stung her eyes.
“Don’t worry everything will be fine. We will find another location. Don’t be cross with him” nitro held her reassuringly.

Will nitro succeed in convincing oxy? Will the love story continue?

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