LoFi – Mash-Ups by Amit – Book Marathon Book 2

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Traveling is a delightful experience for voyage lovers. We go through bumps, curves, her music, have random conversations, and have come unexpected events in between. Lo-fi mashup is a book that gives you similar ecstasy. It is a 122-page-long pure delight.

This is primarily a book of musings, the majority are poetries. The author speaks his heart out through the books. The poems are his medium of conversing about everything. What impressed me the most is the feministic ideology of a male. He talks uninhibitedly about the societal judgments faced by a woman, who is in love, who is working, who is opinionated, and whatnot.
Lofi Mashup

The book has an unconventional structure. For someone who indulgence in the reading experience provided by the book, this is indeed a bumpy ride. The random conversations in the book should be adapted into quotes. Sharing two of them with my readers.
                             Lofi Mashup
The conversation between the cactus and the butterfly is beautiful and one of my favorite ones. There are a few Hindi poems but for the ease of the readers, the author has given the translated version as well. The frame of the book gives an impression of a diary. I see it as a journey of life as the author deals with many social issues as well. A few illustrations in the book are breathtakingly well put together.
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