Fixer By Suman Dubey – The Tale Of Cricket And Conspiracies

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Cricket, fame, money, and controversies – These four words go along a long way. It has been ages since the cricketers are the highest paid sportspersons and ironically the most corrupted. Beyond the glamour and money, there are lives at stake. The once heartthrobs would shrink into oblivion and that is the heard truth of cricket. As high as you fly, the landing would be equally deep. Hence a book about match-fixing and corruption in cricket, the masses would swoon over it. That is the USP of Fixer.

Fixer book review

Impressive plot:

Fixer is the story of an ex-cricketer Neil Upadhyay who ruled cricket once. Put down by the accusations of nepotism, he slowly pulls himself away from the limelight. The upsurge of ICCL gives him a ray of hope because his family owns a team. He kindles the dream of becoming a Head coach. But his cousin Akash who is the majority stakeholder of the firm loathes him and appoints a South African ex-cricketer Pat as the coach. With pain, Neil realizes that Pat’s interests never lies in alignment with that of the team. The team is pushed towards failure after failure. To add fire to the misery or as the sliver of hope, he reunites with his ex flameKanishka. With helplessness and despair, he continues as the assistant coach till a piece of invaluable information falls in his hands. It changes his life forever and before he realizes his life is in a whirlpool. How he deals with the complexities in his life is the crux of the story.

The plot has everything for a cricketer as well as a drama lover. This book is quintessential movie material.

Fixer by Sumar Dubey

Characters that lead the plot:

The characters are crafted impeccably. To give development space to the character in a moderately sized book is no simple feat. The book, like cricket, is male-oriented. The three female characters (Kanishka, Nandini, and Sudha are strong and opinionated. While Kanishka and Nandini have an inherent craft, Sudha’s character though decisive in the book is developed in terms of other characters.

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Climax Cliche

The climax doesn’t keep pace with the rest of the book. The undue details of the final match and the melodrama of Neil’s family are disappointing after the thrillful half. The book is undoubtedly entertaining and hence a sloppy climax could not spoil the overall mood of the book. m

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