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If the story between the lines is to be described in a one-liner, it would be “Philosophical Romance”. The story of Adi and Nila is the story of everyone’s lives- love, loss, pain, and resurrection. The book is all about the reality of life.

Adi meets Nila during one of his journeys. While walking through the jungle he comes across this bubbly, brave, and go-getter girl whose philosophy in life is very simple. Adi falls for this wonderful girl and decides to marry her. Life with Nila is the most unforgettable time for Adi. But his happiness doesn’t last long. Adi and Nila meet with an accident and Adi loses his memory and Nila. Adi ends up having retrograde amnesia post his accident and he is unable to recollect anything about his last moments with her. Unable to fathom what happened to Nila, Adi sets out to find out. His journey further is the crux of the book.


Can Adi’s journey lead to his destination? Or was the journey a destination by itself?

Adi and Nila’s story unveils along with Adi’s journey. The switch between present and past is done seamlessly. The highlight of the book is the author’s foray into philosophy in the context of a fictional romance and suspense. The style of narration makes the book stand out.

USP of the book

The budding romance between Adi and Nila was a bit far-fetched. It could have been developed in a believable fashion by taking time. The book becomes the most interesting when Adi reaches Syria in search of Nila. The author has given a glimpse of the gruesome reality in Syria.

The USP of the book is the attempt of the author to convey life’s lessons without any boring monologues. The author carefully kept the philosophy in line such that it doesn’t overpower the storyline and the storyline is deftly merged with the philosophy so that the message is conveyed with clarity.

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