Yesterday’s Dream by Dimpra Kaleem- Review #BlogchatterA2Z

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Name          – Yesterday’s Dream
 Author                 – Dimpra Kaleem
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Reading minds is a science, an art, or a gift. Whatever it could be, Dizzy is blessed with the capability. On a journey, she encounters three strangers and she describes them perfectly. Further through the journey, she finds herself traveling through time. What happens later is the rest of the book.

This is a short novella about Dizzy. It creates suspense without mystery, thrill without action, and pace without speed. It might sound a little weird but once you read the book, you will get what it means. It is an excellent piece of literature.
In between, it gets a bit boring but gains momentum immediately. The characters are a bit obscure. Barring that the book is a highly recommended one.

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration:  4/5
Character:   3/5
Entertainment Quotient:3.5/5

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