Mahakavi Kalidas by Madhu Jha- Review

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Name          – Mahakavi Kalidas
 Author                 – Madhu Jha
 Publisher              – Zorba Books
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For this particular book, reviewing as a third party is not possible as reviewing this book was a quite a different experience for me personally. As many of you know, I am a Malayali and hence reviewing a Hindi book was a challenge for me. Nonetheless, the name Mahakavi Kalidas forced me to go for it. 

When I started off, the pace was slow as I was trying to get into the groove of the language but through the pages, I forgot that I am a Malayali reading a Hindi Book as the book hooked me to it. It made me determined that no matter what I won’t give up on the book.

The man arises

The book gives a launching pad about the Mahakavi Kalidas and then studies his works  Shakuntalam, Meghdoot, and Raghuvamsham. Further, the creative foray into his biography is the cherry on the Top. The narration is the USP of the book. Simple yet engaging narration hooks the reader and makes the book unputdownable. The level of research invested in the book is exemplary. The author has also done complete justice to the book by stating how he reached the conclusions in detail. The author has not only given a glimpse into the works of Mahakavi Kalidas but analyzed them as well.

Overall going for this book is one of the best decisions I made as it made me grow as a reader as well. 

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration:  4.5/5
Relevance:   3.5/5
Entertainment Quotient:4.5/5

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