The reason is you by Nikita Singh- Review

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Name          – The reason is Yoy
 Author                 – Nikita Singh
 Publisher              – HarperCollins
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Mental illness is always something that has been ignored by everyone, especially if someone loses their loved ones. It is more so in India. I we look into the lives in western countries, they make sure the bereaved consult a therapist so that they could overcome the trauma.  But in India it isn’t so.

Nikita Singh, through her book conveys a message of mental illness awareness as well as the need to stand up for yourself and not force anything into yourself out of sympathy or duty.

Siddhanth and Akriti go on their first date but Akriti is heartbroken to hear about the demise of her father. In an attempt to give her support, Siddhanth makes sure that he is always with her and in a moment of confusion he Confesses his love to her just to realize later that it was a momentary feeling. But Akriti’s depression makes it nearly impossible for Siddhant to turn back. Things get complicated when Siddhant’s ex-girlfriend comes into the picture. What happens afterward is the rest of the story.

The plot takes off at a quite slow pace. Akriti’s depression takes time to register in the minds of the readers. Siddhant’s unrealistically submissive character seems exaggerated. Nonetheless once Mahira comes into the picture, the pace accelerates and it gets impossible for the readers to put the book down.
Nikita’s impeccable language is not a piece of new information for the readers. Nonetheless, it deserves special mention. The climax was expected though.

Overall the book is an engaging read for the romance lovers


Indian Nicholas Sparks

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration: 4/5
Character:  4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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