Killing Time in Delhi by Ravi Shankar Etteth- Review #BlogchatterA2Z

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Name          – Killing Time in Delhi
 Author                 – Ravi Shankar Etteth
 Publisher              – Westland
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A quirky thriller with an unfathomable mystery- Killing time in Delhi has everything that a commercial book asks for.

Chaitanya a.k.a Charlie is pulled into a hurricane of issues. The day starts with the death of his girlfriend of overdose, whom he locks up in his closet, and ends with the murder of a so called Big shot in Delhi. Before he realises, he is amidst everything unsure of how to deal with all that is happening around. 

Killing time in Delhi stands out amidst the normal thrillers with the unique narration and the novelty in weaving the suspense around. Despite bringing an obvious suspect, author has brought to the readers a cascade of events that are simultaneously unconventional and contemporary. How Charlie is pulled into the murders like a black hole is instant. The pace of the plot doesn’t even drop once and hence it keeps the readers hooked to the book. The character craft is yet another highlight of the book. The idiosyncrasy of the characters are depicted naturally.

Overall the book is like a soft music that shifts to RNB, Rock, Pop and finally shifts to an Indian Classical.

Perfect thriller of late

Scenario:   5/5
Narration    :5/5
Character   :   5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 5/5

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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