Democracy’s XI by Rajdeep Sardesai- Review

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Name          – Democracy’s XI
 Author                 – Rajdeep Sardesai
 Publisher              – Jugeernaut Books
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Cricket is a religion for Indians. It is an Indian game accidentally discovered by the English, as the author says. Hence a book on cricket will definitely raise the expectations. 
Who else to write on the topic than Rajdeep sardesai. Being a cricketer’s son, author has the hands own experience on the cricketer’s’ lives. Author refers that an actor’s son can be an actor. If not an A grade actor, they can be actors sill . A politician’s son can be a politician but for a cricketer’s son, even entering the 
Renji team requires talent, hard work and luck which supports a better performance.

Author has selected 11 cricketers in the history of India, who has influenced the moulding of cricket at different time periods. He has backed up his observations with the background of the cricketer along with the detailed study of the tenure. Readers get to see how cricket has grown in India post Independence.

With the style of writing, author has knitted a book that will excite the audience as much as the fiction thrillers do. Hence it is a mix of entertaining and informative account of Indian cricket. The book is more relatable to 80’s and 90’s kids as most of the cricketers included will come under this category and also Indian cricket had the greatest growth during this period.


Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    :   /5
Character   :   /5
Relevance   :   /5
Research     :/5
Entertainment Quotient: /5

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher. This post is a part of #blogchatterA2Z Challenge

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