Animal Farm by George Orwell- Review

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Name          – Animal Farm
 Author                 – George Orwell
Publisher                – Penguin Books
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What better way to start the #BlogChatterA2Z Challenge than a classic. Animal Farm the revolutionist creation by the legendary George Orwell. The plotline need not be narrated as it is known to all book lovers. 
The allegory of the revolution by the animals to that by Bolsheviks is excellent. Each chapter, each line is brimming with satire. The book is a quintessential example for literary protest. The characters are analogous to the real life characters. Each incident has a real life counterpart. Author has simultaneously educated the readers on history and incited a call for protest.
The motos on the wall when applied in the real life holds a lot of relevance. Do I deserve to review this book is the biggest question mark for me. Nonetheless here I am with all praises but a complaint. Towards the second half the pace of the book drops and starts to lag. 


The review is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2019

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