The Girl I Love by Amit Nangia- Review

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Name          – The Girl I Love
 Author                 – Amit Nangia
 Publisher              – Srishti Publications
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The Girl I Love by Amit Nangia- Review

When there is the friendship between lovers, that makes the relationship perfect. The girl I love is the tale of love between best friends.

Myra is in love with Kairav, who is a “no-commitment-in-relations” man. Whenever he breaks up he goes to Myra who supports him unconditionally. Kairav on the other hand is unaware of Myra’s feelings. Once Myra starts attracting men and starts getting the attention of men who are ready to tie the knot with her, Kairav senses danger. Will Myra move on with the man who loves her? Will Kairav realizes her love for him? ‘The Girl I Love’ gives you the answer.

The basic plot of the book is a cliche. We had read several books and seen several movies where the girl is forthcoming to a casanova boy, who realizes his love at a point when he almost lost her to someone. Hence the storyline did not hold any uniqueness. The style of narration is good. The author has given a good attempt in covering up a weak plot through good narration. The character of Myra is crafted well but miss goody’s two shoes could have a few negative traits. The same applies to Kairav. The good-looking Casanova lacked mettle. The character of Akhil who is waiting to marry Myra could have been given more space because that is a character that had a lot of possibilities. The same goes for the character of Navya. Navya’s character portrayal is highly misogynistic. A girl who is ready to offer her a platter is not something that appeals to a self-respecting woman reader.

Nonetheless, the book could not be tagged as a bad one. It will definitely entertain YA lovers who are in their teens. If you are looking for a book with substance, you will be disappointed but if you are looking for an easy breezy read, this is the perfect one for you


Scenario:   2.5/5

Narration:  3.5/5
Character:   3/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3/5

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