The Possibility by Pankaj Dwivedi- Review

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Name          – The Possibility
 Author                 – Pankaj Dwivedi
 Publisher              – Inkstate
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In life we often gets the call of spirituality but whether we follow the gut feeling is dependent on us.

Pankaj Dwivedi brings forth a unique positive tale of how the life of Dr. Abhay, successful surgeon, changes when he gets a vision of Maharishi Anand. Simultaneously, he stumbles upon the book The Mystery of Life by Maharishi Ananda. With all the coincidences that are coming his way, he decides to go to Maharishi’s Ashrama. His life and the outlook towards life changes once he meets the Godman.

The book cannot be analysed on the basis of plot, scenario, characters, entertainment quotient etc because the overall layout of the book is a spiritual enlightenment on the background of a fictional ashram. Despite the fact that the book is a fiction, the mood of the book is non-fictional. The book is indeed a spiritual lesson and makes the readers view everything in a different light.

Sex is a topic that has been omitted from most of the spirituality books but surprisingly the topic was also analysed on a spiritual basis without even tinge of vulgarity.


A fictional spiritual enlightenment

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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