Doesn’t mean I Deserve it by Vinay Bargat- Review

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Name – Doesn’t mean, I Deserve it

Author – Vinay Bargat 

Publisher   – Blackbuck Publications

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Life brings us a lot of challenges. Whether our life is a success or failure, depends on how we tackle the challenges. Doesn’t mean I deserve it, is a tale of how the family overcame their pain.

Rajeev Kaur and Jaidev Kaur are identical twins of their widow mother Manpreet Kaur. Jaidev is assigned as an undercover agent to Pakistan but his cover is revealed and he ends up being a fugitive. Meanwhile in India, Rajveer becomes an alcoholic after his wife’s demise post delivery. Manpree has to take a decision to secure the life of her only son and grandson. What happens further makes the rest of the tale.

The book is indeed a sad tale. With so many tragedies happening in Manpreeth’s life, we cannot expect a happy go lucky tale or character. The narration is in Hinglish, or Punjabi mixed Hinglish and hence the readers who are not well versed in the languages are given a translation for the ease of comprehension.

A major drawback would be the lack of proofreading especially the spacing. The dark front cover of the books is indicative of the dark tale.


Good one

Scenario:   3.5 /5
Narration    :   3/5
Character   :   3/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.5/5

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