Who owns that song by A.R. Venkatachalapathy- Review

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Name          – Who owns that song
 Author                 – A.R. Venkatachalapathy
 Publisher              – Juggernaut
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A poet who has created fire with his pen. The writer who made the British lose their sleep. He created violent protest without physically hurting anyone, through his words. Nonetheless his work didn’t get the prior appreciation during his lifetime. The irony of his life is that the same work lit up ferocious arguments and controversies.

Author has crafted an iconic piece on the life of the legendary poet. How author has seamlessly connected each incident is commendable. The book starts with how Bharati has expressed radicalism through words and the further incidents which resulted in his exile and arrest. His wife who has played a crucial role in nationalization knowingly or unknowingly. Further the authors desperation in getting the fame and recognition and the disappointment in failing to do so has been portrayed without prejudice. For a story as his, there is a lot of possibility for the narrator to be prejudiced. Nonetheless, author has balanced his view regarding Subramaniya Bharati’s life.

Author has given a glimpse to the background of each person who had become a part of the nationalization. A detailed research was invested for the book and the readers would be engrossed to read the controversy which is dramatically sketched. Mayyapan and Chellama deserves special mention. Apparently, the author has pulled off a biography in the background of the whole nationalisation controversy for Bharat’s life means hid writings


An interesting account on the life of a legend who was unsung while alive.

Narration    : 4  /5

Relevance   :  4.5 /5
Research     :4.5/5
Entertainment Quotient:4.5 /5

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