The Sword with the Ruby Hilt by Mrudula Govindaraju- Review

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Name          – The Sword With the Ruby Hilt
 Author                 – Mrudula Govinndaraju
 Publisher              – Self Published
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The movie Rudramadevi is the first account on the life of the princess who was brought up as king Rudradeva by her father and being crowned as the King. Mrudula Govindaraju has come up with the literary fictional adaptation of the Princess’s life for the readers.

The plot begins with the death of Nagesa Bhatta, the chief priest of the Swayambhukesava Temple and his disciple Govinda. Rudradeva, the ruler of the Kakatiya Empire orders an investigation in to the deaths which unveils a devious plan to bring down the King, who is brought up as male but apparently a female. The conspirators learn that the only way to bring down the King is the sword with Ruby hilt, which was lost when her father was assassinated in a battle. While the conspiracy and investigation proceeds on parallel lines, a strange warning that her womb will come to haunt her, unhinges the king. Further it is a full of life story of love, deception, action and brilliance. 

Authoress has proved that she has mastered the genre. Despite the general practice of depicting the history in line with the new generation, author has preserved the history without losing the crux. This itself would be the USP of the book. The characters, both historic and fictional are crafted well. There are a lot of eerie sequences which include the black magic. Author has tried to keep the plot tight knit but somewhere down the line loses the grip. The book has a very targeted audience and would be a treat for the fantasy lovers. The overall layout of the book is amateurish but the narration has covered up for it.


Overall the book is a treat for the core fantasy lovers

Scenario:   3.5 /5
Narration    :  4 /5
Character   :   4/5
Entertainment Quotient:4 /5

This review is in return of a free book from the author

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