My Mute Girlfriend by Himanshu Rai- Review

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Name          – My Mute Girlfriend
 Author                 – Himanshu Rai
 Publisher              – Srishti Publications
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My Review
Rating : 3.5

Love is undefinable. How lovers lead their lives with and without it is what the book is about. My mute girlfriend is the story of Rohan, who under the throes of love, destroyed and rebuilt his love.

The plot unveils with Rohan smitten with Navya, who had been her schoolmate and childhood sweetheart. In order to make himself eligible for her he concentrates on his studies and manages to get enrolled to an engineering college. While during the counselling, he meets a pretty girl, Vaidehi, who had come to get admission to electronics and telecommunications. Forgetting his desire to study computer science, Rohan too takes admission in the same college for the same subject as hers. So, did he forget Navya?

Once the college starts, Vaidehi, who is known for her egoistic attitude, becomes Rohan’s friend. Rohan, who is smitten with Vaidehi forgets his own friends and even Navya who had been secretly waiting for him to propose her. While everything shrunk to the background, there is nothing that mattered to Rohan but Vaidehi. But Vaidehi always wanted to keep their relation under the wraps and takes a promise from Rohan that he wouldn’t tell anyone that they are a couple. Rohan, fails to keep the promise and tells his friends about the relation. After the semester break, Rohan finds a different Vaidehi who is apathetic, distant and indifferent. She refuses to even talk to him and becomes his mute girlfriend. It takes years for Rohan to find out the real reason behind her muteness. What is the reason? 

Author has crafted the story decently. For a teenager the book will be quite appealing. Rohan’s infatuation towards Navya and finally how he forgets her is depicted naturally. We all would have gone through a similar silent crush which we forgets on being in love with another one. There would be such unsaid love in everyone’s lives. Hence it seemed quite natural and nostalgic to me. The relation between Rohan and Vaidehi, was depicted without much dramatic sequences and unnecessary love making. It is difficult to see such relations in YA Romance these days. How Rohan forgot his friends is another matter that was handled with care. Rohan’s reluctance to smoke is a refreshing change from the protagonists that use weed like chocolate. The climax is what disappointed me. Not only the climax but the whole storyline was quite predicitable. The lack of novelty is a major drawback of the book. 

Overall I recommend the book to all teenagers who want to read a nice and good romance.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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