My journey as a blogger

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A fortnight back I got a Facebook notification that my page was mentioned by I presumed that it would be another blog tour as usual. But when I opened the link I was dumbstruck. Top 50 Indian book review blogs! I was exhilarated.

On a retrospect, I thought of my journey.

When I started my blog, I was completely disoriented and unfocused on what I should concentrate on and how I should promote the blog. It was one of the numerous unknown blogs beneath the sea of links. I still remember my first post which had nothing more than four lines.

“Reading had been a habit for quite a long time
Wanted to convey my heart feelings
Wanted to say what I like what not
Wanted to flourish my unassuaged phantasm”

Further I continued posting without much knowledge about how to write a blog and what is the relevance of key words, SEO, Crawling or anything of that sort.
My first book review was of Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell. I still cringe on reading this inadequate piece. Meanwhile I kept on writing my novel and started sourcing publishers for my book. It is from one such publisher that I got my first solicited review copy. The book was Ajaya-Roll of Dice by Anand Neelakantan. By then I had read a couple of blogs and had an idea about how these work. Nonetheless, coming to the forefront was far from my expectations. It was then that I started sourcing review copies from Goodreads. Through systematic and patient study, I slowly redesigned my blog and focused into book reviews. It took 1 year to get associated with the first established publisher- Rupa Publications.

Now, while dealing with publishers like Harper Collins, Pan Macmillan, Simon and Schuster, Rupa, Srishti, Jaico, Westland, Zorba, etc, I used to look back and see that lady who had confined herself to a corner of a sofa without any idea as to what to do with her life, thinking of which, I realize that, to achieve something, we have to actually start doing something with immense passion. Now I have my focus and hopefully through years, I would be able to reach where I dreamt of, provided, I continue getting the support of my followers. Thanks each and every beautiful soul who supported me unconditionally.

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