You never know by Akash Verma

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Name          – You Never Know
 Author                 -Akash Verma.    
 Publisher              – Penguin.           
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My Review
Rating : 4.0

Love is a conditionless feeling. We cannot predict when our heart goes for someone. The uncontrollable attraction tof someone will force us to forget the norms of the society and pursue our love. After innocent, deep, immaculate and platonic love story in ‘Broken Man’,  Akash Verma is back with a tale which is to be placed on the other end of the pole.

Dhruv a content family man with a secured job, successful and beautiful wife and two adorable kids, gets swept from the world on seeing Anuradha. Anuradha in turn is fighting the demons of her past. Once in love, they forget everything that ties them to the materialistic world. Dhruv finds one reason or other to come back home late and spend time with Anuradha. The basic plot has the telltale formula of the stories that portray extramarital affairs. The relation that is purely based on craving for flesh. 
The plot takes a U-turn when Anuradha’s past snowballs in Dhruv’s life keeping his family in a flimsy platter. Determined to find the truth and end the games, Dhruv sets out to the place where all drama started.

Akash Verma has succeeded in giving a signature touch to the book eventhough the plot is a far cry from his previous book. The suspense element has been kept under wraps till the end. Barring a few glitches the book is an entertainer. The story as such is not a brainracker. The whole tale is simple yet systematically set. The climax is a breezer for a wife inside me but for a reader the climax was cold and without much expected drama or action.

Overall the book is an easy read. 

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