Review- Writersmelon’s Jukebox

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Name         – Jukebox

Author                  – Anthology
Publisher              – Readomania
Number of Pages – 176
Publishing Year   -2017
Edition                  -Paperback

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Rating : 4.0

My Review
Talent is a word that brings a varies of emotions in everyone’s lives. each of us might have come across atleast one talented person who did not get the due recognition due to many reasons. Hunting the right talent from pretenders and plagiarists is not a cakewalk. Writers melon, through the venture melonade succeeded in hunting the deserving writers whose stories are too good to be neglected.
There are fifteen next stories that delve in to different emotional strata.’ The story’, the first one in the anthology, is the tale of a boy who asks his mother about his father’s death and request a bedtime stoRyan with which he tries to find clues towards the culprit. The climax is unique. Author exposes the why and who of the murder inexplicitly and hence brilliantly. ‘One day in December is mystic,imaginative, and psychological phantasm.
‘Monster’ is my favourite. It tells the readers about a girl who sets out in search of the enigma behind the life of her deceased father, whom she comprehends as someone who is as monster like as her. The next three stories “The sinner”, “Marital Chains” and “Mrs. Neeraj who lived in Neeti Bagh are a glimpse into the domestic violence, marital rape and women empowerment. While the latter two speaks about standing up for oneself, “Sinner” disappointed me pathetically. Being a woman and a mother, the climax is unacceptable for me, though the language and narration is brilliant. 
“Lizard grass” and “Deep fried love story” are quirky and satiric in a subtle fashion. “The letters undefined”, “Homecoming”, “Missing earring” and “Cycles and cyclones” let the readers breath romance. Love that is weightless, musical yet painful. “Colours” is also a love story, the respectful love of a husband towards his wife who is recovering from the travails of childbirth. ” The pupil” is the tale of love between a teacher and her little student. The effort tetcher takes in motivating her pupil who stutters is heart melting. The most unique and hence special story among the fifteen ones is “The boy who never became a man”.
All in all the stories are all emotional at one level and literary in the other. We can complete the book over a day but to get rid of the hangover might take several.

This review is in return of a free book from Writers Melon

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