Scream and other urbane legends by Koshy.A.V- Review

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Name         – Scream and other urbane legends

Author                  – Koshy.A.V
Publisher              – Lifi Publications
Number of Pages -171
Publishing Year   -2017
Edition                  -Paperback

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

When a poet writes a short story, the sentences will be brimful of poetic musings. The plot will have a music of its own. Scream and other urbane legends is a collection of short stories by a poet, which in turn are poetic. 

All the  stories have a shade of melancholy. A peep to the classic literature is a perk to the readers. Sandhya, ‘Naseema and the bloodstone’ and ‘Yakshi who lived by the Periyar’ were my favorite. The language is literary bliss for the readers. 

The stories are mystical. The imagery is the icing on the cake. Being a Malayali myself, it is an endearing experiece to read stories with Kerala and Malayali culture and folk tales in the background. After a point, the deliberate attempt to squeeze in the poetry in prose seems tiresome. Some of the stories were mere fillers and did not fit in.

The book ends with a novella or micro novel to be precise and a brief poem. The novella had a shade of erotica, romance, and contemporary fiction. The poem is perfect and author has kept the best for the last.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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