Algorithm of future by Sandeep Sharma

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Name         – Algorithm of future

Author                  – Sandeep Sharma
Publisher              – Notion Press
Number of Pages – 200
Publishing Year   – 2017
Edition                  -Paperback
                    – 118

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

I would like to start the review with an apology to the author for shelving the book for six months and hats off to his immense patience. This has not influenced my reviews whatsoever. Fantasy is a tricky genre. It either mesmerizes the readers or bores them to death. There is no midway between these two scenarios. Algorithm of future lies in the former category.

Rakesh is a wizard in mathematics. The extra ordinary talent that he showed him in the subject made him the youngest mathematician in the world. Since then there was no looking back. Now he has come up with the most unbelievable theory ‘ Algorithm of future’, through which he claims to predict the future with the help of Mathematical equations. With the support of his wife Aparna and daughter Vidita Rakesh sets out to tell the world about this unique talent. Little did he know that this boon might turn into a cruse that will change his life irreversibly. Along with the journey of Rakesh readers get to know the other two protagonists Akash Singh Rathore and Rahul. The former a magician and the latter a techy. More cannot be said about the characters since it might end up as a spolier.

The suspense elements are plenty and hence the major highlight of the book. Who is Akash Singh Rathore? What is the persona of Rahul? What is the connection of a flight crash with Rakesh’s life? What is the geopolitical relevance of the book?

A lot can be speculated from the blurb and hence the suspense element remains afresh. The plot begins in a promising note, sure to hook the readers to the book. The narration is fast paced and hence never lagging. The incidents happen one after the other so fast that the curiosity compels us to go on and on with the book. Imagination is the key point in a fantasy book but it should be convincing. Author has succeeded in creating a conviction about his theory of fantasizing. 

A little more detail could have been added about how Rakesh calculates the algorithm. The novelty of the subject is debatable. While the idea of predicting the future with mathematics sounds unique, the further development of the plot follows the formula of any other fantasy thriller. A round of proof reading was needed but we cannot blame the author for the same.

Overall the book is a fast paced easy read for the light fantasy thriller lovers.

This review is in return of a free book from the author

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