Interview with Jae Ellard

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Hey everyone 
Today I have the author of Mindful and Success with stress with me Jae Ellard.
Let’s welcome her to this virtual tete-a-tete 

How does a person’s energy affect whether they feel in or out of balance?

When it comes to balance there are two states of being: empowered or disempowered. When people feel empowered, they have a clear sense of purpose and normal to high levels of energy to help them with that purpose. When a person feels disempowered, they tend to feel as if they have everything to lose and operate from lower energy states that may show up as exhaustion, anxiety, depression, fatigue or sleeplessness.

What is the difference between proactive and reactive stress management?

Another way to think about this is when we react vs. respond to a situation. Reacting happens immediately and without much thought or processing, whereas when we respond, we’ve taken time to consider the situation. For example, reactively dealing with stress means you are surprised that you are experiencing stress. Proactively managing stress means you’ve been able to anticipate a situation that may be unpleasant and have formed a strategy to care for yourself while you navigate it. 

What’s your writing ritual? 

My favorite place to write is my kitchen table in the morning sun, pen on paper, looking out at the trees and listening to the birds chirp away. In recent years, I’ve also found international flights as great place to let the words flow. I’ve been writing each morning for at least an hour for the last 2 decades.  

Do you have a favorite travel spot?

The world is too amazing to have only one favorite place to visit! High on the list are anywhere in Italy, Vienna, Copenhagen, Paris, Munich, Santiago, and Aspen.    

If there is one thing you want readers to remember, what would it be?

That the choices is yours for how to live your life – so make intentional choices about how you want to show up, what you want to say and the life you want to create. 

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