Review of That’s the way blood trickles by Aman agarwal

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Name                – That’s the way blood trickles
Author                  – Aman Agarwal
Publisher              –
Number of Pages – 283
Publishing Year   – 2016
Edition                  – Paperback 
Price                     – 300
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Rating : 4.0

Out of the mouths of vampires trickles not only blood but also desire
for love and order in the small town of Vissar, the home-base of fantasy novel
by established poet and author Aman Agarwal. Against the backdrop of a history
between two different races of vampires, Onom and Onomnus, emerges what begins
as a simple story about young love and the quest for romance within two
academic settings, St. Barnabus School and St. Cranses School, where the
curriculum is as highly creative as it is unconventional. A variety of
eccentric teachers work toward developing their students supernatural skills in
order to prepare them for the upcoming Olympic-style competitions such as the
Pulverized Ice Football, Mirror Maze and Icicle Boom. A glimpse of the students
home life, at least on the surface, reveals the average parent-child
relationships and the typical sibling love-rivalry. Strong as the family tie is
the kinship shared between a vampire-master and his or her dragon. The tighter
the bond, the greater the chances of excelling not only in the school Olympic
games but also in the battle brewing against Vissar by outside enemy forces
beyond the magnificent but deadly River Wepros.

My Review

That’s the way blood trickles is a book which can be categorised in a multiplicity of genres. The background story is YA fantasy, the book also can be marked as a thriller,  YA romance. Author being a poet has incorporated his poetic ability in the novel. With a lot of twists and turns, author has tried to pull a cliff hanger. Whether he succeeded in it or not is something that the readers should decide. 
Diana’s  character is something that should be mentioned in particular.Diana represents the exploited mass. 
Author has tried to incorporate a lot, which makes the storyline crowded. The style of narration is commendable. 
I recommend the book to all fantasy lovers.

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a
complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write
a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Aman Agarwal joined the
team of Cyberwit authors in early 2016 with the debut of his fine poetry
collection entitled SING TO ME SWEET. He holds an engineering degree from
Jadavpur University and currently works for Accenture in Mumbai, India. His
passion for literature began to surface at the early age of four when he was
sent to a boarding school in a peaceful setting surrounded by hills and trees.
There, like Oliver Twist, he had nothing to do but observe, so he found solace
in the arms of nature and literature: Famous Five and Secret Seven taught him
how to think, Dawson’s Creek and Sugar Secrets how to love, and Goosebumps and
Shivers how to scare. He was also interested in art and music, and hopes to
hone these skills in the future. After finishing boarding school, Aman found
that he could not identify with nature elsewhere, so to bring back memories of
his elementary school experience he began to write poetry. Over the years, his
love for creative writing persisted. THAT’S THE WAY BLOOD TRICKLES is his debut
novel, which is the first of a four-book fantasy series. He is currently working
on a romance novel entitled THE TIME MACHINE TO A TEAR. In addition to writing,
Aman likes to sing, play basketball, and pick stocks.
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