Review- Dual Lives by Gourab Mitra

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Book Name -Dual Lives

Author        – Gourab Mitra
Publisher    – Patridge India
Number of Pages – 306
Publishing Year   – 2015
Edition                  – Kindle

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Rating : 3.0


We are a part of a male dominating society where some people still keep women below their shoes and nose. Kiran, a young woman has overcome these hurdles and has fulfilled her dream as a Radio Jockey. 
Today it’s her first day to work at Radio Rocks, a leading radio channel in Pune. She is exhilarated about it! Last night her boy friend proposed her for marriage, and her true love for Omkar overwhelmed her decision. She didn’t reply to him! 
In early 2004, her brother worked at a tea stall at the age of 10. Ajinkya, a BPO employee and a biggest loser in life, gets inspired by the kid. Ajinkya plans to adopt him, unaware of his past. Will the kid’s past bother Ajinkya’s personal and love life? 
Omkar is Kiran’s first crush. But for past few years they haven’t heard about each other! 
Will she compromise her first love & marry Ashish? Or will she wait for Omkar?

My review

The review of the book is a tug of war between positives and negatives. Both are equally strong.

The storyline is the highlight of the book. Author addressed child abuse with the deserved importance but he did not drag it unnecessarily. Every event was properly chained and the plot is close knit. Every character has its individuality. 
Kiran’s gave me chill down my spines. Yes,there would be a lot of children with a similar plight. Being a mother myself, even reading about it was difficult, so what would be the feeling in reality. A great attempt there. 
There is a back story of romance but what impressed me is that author did not squeeze unwanted erotica to prove the depth of the love. Feels good to see that platonic relationship still exists.

Editing is the major flaw in the book. I would not say editing was poor since I could not see any effort into the same. There was no editing at all. The whole book was like a draft. With lot of mistakes in every other sentence.
Another glitch was that in spite of being a victim of exploitation, Kiran was exploiting Prashanth by keeping him as a back up till Omkar responded. Will Omkar respond or not is to be seen from the book. I assume that Ashish in the blurb is Prashant. This again proves the fact that no effort was taken in editing.


  • Plot
  • Character craft
  • Steady Pace
  • Relevant subject


  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of editing

One Liner

Grab it if you are looking for a sincere story.

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Gourab Mitra, twenty-five, is working as senior customer service representative with Serco BPO. He is pursuing his SYBSc. At thirteen, he wrote unpublished scripts in Hindi. His started off as a cybercafe operator and then as a freelance website designer. He worked as second assistant director of Miley Jab Hum Tum.

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